✭✭✭✭✭ S☆kobe Opening Celebration ✭✭✭✭✭

S☆kobe by Aimerfeel just had a grand opening of their first shop in the US at Westfoeld Topanga Shopping Center!               10.06.2016

Aimerfeelとして日本、アジアでご活躍のS☆kobe by Aimerfeelが遂にアメリカにもやってきた!


My special client, Sokkobe Inc that has 133 shops in Japan and 36 shops in China, Korea, and Taiwan and has been selling lingerie and inner-wear since 1964 just opened their first store in California, USA. As you see the name of company, they used to be a seller of popular socks and were from Kobe, Japan. As they moved to be the seller of lingerie and inner-wear, they are getting bigger and bigger in the world!
Our effort by looking and finding the location, construction and preparation put together and became success for this opening!
Please stop by!

Westfield Topanga Shopping Center
6600 Topanga Canyon Blvd, Canoga Park, CA 91303

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